A lot of bang for the buck, easy to setup, easy to admin. You do not want to limit yourself to what you need today, then need to upgrade the license count within a year or two. A really small con, some of the free training videos could be improved, audio quality, but otherwise nothing currently stands out. We were initially turned off that it was Windows based however this has turned out to be a HUGE benefit. The only disadvantage I have found is that sometimes the application crash and it is necessary to restart it. Helps sell the product. Easy to set up and I also like that it’s great for automating phone connections ,whilst also being available for fax use ,while reducing costs all around.

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Probabilité de recommander le produit: We had some issues getting it installed on our server and for it to work with no maintenance. The integration’s to other software are nice for our clients also. Très faible Très élevée. It can be installed on my mobile to have my work phone with me not to miss a call when not at my desk. I would recommend this to anyone with a business of the size where I work, we have around 80 employees.


I was a user of softhone application in a call sofpthone and my experience was very good, softphoe sometimes I had to hang up was not very frequent, on the contrary the option of auto-answer is excellent to not lose incoming calls.

We also resell the services and sofhphone multi-tenancy is great for larger organizations or inside our own cloud. There are plenty of good plugins and it has been able to handle softphoje we’ve thrown at it.

Buy what you need for the next few years.


3cx softphone

The collaboration features are amazing. But what really sets 3CX apart from the rest of the pack are the mobile tools.

3cx softphone

The only downside to the 3cs that I didnt like softphine once they added the QR Scan for mobile devices. Company refuses to heed directional input and new « ideas », they have their path defined.

3cx softphone

It can be installed on my mobile to have my work phone with me not to miss a call when not at my desk. In the past we had some problems with being able to get a free line if the number of concurrent allowed calls is exceeded. It is also easy to transfer calls to other people or call out by just typing the first couple of letters in the person’s name. While the pricing is very good, its particularly good for larger offices or public spaces where extra phones are required in places they will receive little use.

Also you can only use web conferencing softphhone Chrome. The outgoing calls are very good and with ssoftphone quality.


Essentially having two lines or more on your smart phone can be very useful! The latest service pack allows for failover although yet to be tested fully. After a series of non-starter with other brand name phone systems we stumbled across 3CX. Simply the best soft phone i ever used. Training is vital to understand the tool. softpyone

The top pro is its rock solid reliability. All employees linked can send instant messages and you can see if softpgone college is on the phone. Some softlhone are remembered and some are not, it seems random. Even having an always on backup server is an inexpensive, but necessary endeavor that will keep your employees and clients happy.

Base licensing does not include some of the more advanced features that would set this apart from other software options.


Soffphone is a good and affordable option to have a full telephone switchboard managed and hosted by a company. This way eoftphone know when work calls are coming through and personal calls. Yet 3CX doesn’t do this, product includes web phone manager interface if you wish to use it, includes a softphone, includes faxing, includes webconferencing, includes voicemail which used to require a totally separate server from your PBX because the big name vendors want you to spend more.

Avis sur 3CX softphone for Windows

Great software that allows for above average PBX solutions that make communication efficient. Some of our 1 skftphone shops use this as they really soft;hone need a basic PBX nothing special.

To get the licensed vendor partnership take a while but its worth it in the end. Predecessors such as Trixbox and Asterix had trouble implementing this feature without extensive customization. Very often we install it on existing Windows based hardware that is used for other purposes as well without any issue.

Télécharger 3CX VOIP Phone for Windows (gratuit)

I just recommended this to a friend of mine who recently opened a small business and wanted a a nice VOIP software The whole system is running and performing as you would expect stable and reliable. VoIP is rather mature at this point but its sotfphone without its problems – particularly network based problems. We were initially turned off that it was Windows based however this has turned out to be a HUGE benefit.